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Amy Denio: Corona Sonora

by Amy Denio / Spoot Music

I'm gonna hug you right now she said Running up to the young man with the clouded face cracking open to smile every once in a while She don't care no more about rules and revelations 'bout the survival of the fittest that hittest home the hardest for those left alone Change is gonna come when nothing's all you got Listen for the dinner bell for your imaginal cells The forms we know will change to naught Change is gonna come when nothing's all you got Listen for the dinner bell for your imaginal cells to gel. I'm gonna hug you right now she said Kiss my chrysalis to sleep Just wait til you wake up in the new form you will keep
Everyone's entitled to their opinions, even when they're not all that right They will talk and talk and talk until you gotta unlock your mental block They're still wrong that's why I wrote this song about Stepping on a piece of Lego The pain starts out as Day-Glo The whole weight of your existence comes crashing down on a piece of plastic that cracks apart, piercing the soul of your foot The whole reason for your existence comes up against resistance But they're projecting their rejection of this infection out loud I keep on mentally rejecting that urge to follow the crowd Once again I'm stepping on a piece of Lego The pain starts out as Day-Glo
Pandemic 02:28
E pluribus unum Let me pass you my sputum E pluribus unum This time I'll pass...on your sputum Who's tasted the demo of this epidemic? Epic epidural epistle pissing pustulence posturing apostolically Pugilistic pestilence preternatural ignorance Romance's deadly dance wearing fancy new pants Bearing the weight of a complicated crown Until we all fall down. (counting number of dead)
Purgators and buglers Burglers and googlers Hoping to win's God's Lotto
When will restrictions end? They say we will need: Health care system readiness They say we will need: Sufficient staffing and bed space They say we will need: Widespread availability of rapid testing and reporting of results And availability of proven treatments Any second now Any minute now Any hour now Any day now Any week now Any month now Any season now Any year now Any decade now Any age now
There once was a chemist from Dublin Whose consumption of whiskey was troublin' But the drink being Irish was sure to kill the virus So on most days his steps were fumbling Whiskey for the heart and Brandy for the stomach Warm plaster of Brooklime to cure that pesky cough that's dry! unproductive! and sometimes fatal! There once was a virus asleep Which woke up, found new hosts, and settled deep It was silent when it moved in Having nothing to believe in Except making its host lie in a heap
Candle in the wind
1 Graves Avenue hearing the trains flow by day and night Suntan man basking in front of the bank catching rays every day bald and gold and bald and golden, bald and gold
Prayer deflector was erected in just the right spot to make unwarranted pleas to god ricochet loudly before exploding into smithereens Rape whistles come in handy if you're a girl and happen to meet GI Joe in a back alley It's OK to wear clown suits as long as you're wearing boots God forbid we pull the trigger 50% military promoted or demoted, eating loud Lord pies Garden of the Gods under crazy shepherd skies We walk on the dust of those before us
Convergency vortex surrounded her like a spinning tornado of insight inside out, she was a visionary wtihout doubt Synchronous coincidence again and again don't you see that it's all meant to be eternity is lit for me again and again Magic hatchmarks fill the void of the page the words that poured out were flamed with rage this fire to fight is stronger than any gauge The forces of nature can not be detained
All things connect
Skyway 03:30
I like to spread my sheets when you kiss me sweet No need to control, alt, delete whenever we mingle Wherever we meet Dragonflies zoom around etching halos in the gloaming Our kisses are ellipses, hearts unzip under fingertips This hilltop is magic, it touches the heavens Constellations sing the stories of love’s search for human quarry Magnets attract magic I am ecstatic in your dragnet Feeling our footsteps in the darkness Singing away all our fears Cherish the past and dream the future Let’s lose ourselves now Feeling our footsteps in the darkness Singing away all the fears, singing away all our fears Following our intuition’s dark mess Who knows what we’ll feel next… Tanzen in der Garten (dancing in the garden) Küssen fur vielen Jahren (kissing for many years) In der Wald Wir wander (we wander in the woods) Kein Angst in Bärenlander (no fear in the land of Bears) Wir singen bis Wir sterben (we'll sing until we die) Liebe hat Uns viel zu lehren (love will teach us a lot) Die Sterne sind Samen der Liebe (stars are seeds of love) Sie flüstern ‘Ach, meine Liebe!’ (they whisper 'oh my love') Wir passen wie Hand und Handschuh (we fit like hand in glove) Dick wie Diebe, in Liebe (thick as thieves, in love) My beau's name supplied the tonality for this song. I simply applied my musical alphabet to his name: K U R T B R U N N E N K A N T D Bb F# Ab B F# E G G E G D A G Ab
Gemma Gemma 04:28
Ich bin ge-Kurted (I am Kurted) Langsam in tandem (slowly in tandem) Gewurzt durch verlockende Worten (spiced by enticing words) Garten gurtel gibt es vielen viertel (Many neighborhoods within the garden girdle) Gemma gemma nahmst du alle meine kusse (Let's go, let's go! Take all my kisses) Gemma gemma unsere Versammlung ist so susse (Let's go, let's go! Our mingling is so sweet)


Music created in self-imposed quarantine at Spacious Spoot Studios in Seattle during the COVID-19 pandemic between mid-March and October, 2020.


released April 3, 2020

Amy Denio: composer, wide array of sound-making vehicles, voice
Jon-Paul Pachenker: frog on Trieste
Nonda Trimis: pandeiro, surdo, tamburim on Trieste
Most songs mastered by Steve Turnidge, UltraViolet Studio


all rights reserved



Amy Denio / Spoot Music Seattle, Washington

Amy Denio is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist composer, singer and music producer based in Seattle, WA. She's been commissioned to compose for dance, theater and film, and has received numerous grants and fellowships and collaborated with artists worldwide.

She has performed at festivals, clubs, schools, prisons, social centers and ruins throughout Europe, North America and Asia.
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