Amy Denio: Eureka

by Amy Denio / Spoot Music



18 new compositions created and produced by Amy Denio in her Spoot Studios in Seattle between January 2018 & June 2019.

Some songs were inspired by her deep love of Balkan culture (she's played dozens of concerts in ex-Yugoslavia since 1990). Other compositions were conceived and recorded in a single day ~ thus the title Eureka.

Other tracks are commissioned pieces, some for a soundtrack to a silent film distributed by KINO LORBER, one for a Patreon subscriber who requested a steamy love song connected to Iceland.

CD produced by Klanggalerie, available here:


released September 21, 2019

Composed, recorded and produced by Amy Denio at Spaciouser Spoot Studios, Seattle
(1/2018 – 6/2019).
Mastered by Steve Turnidge, Ultraviolet Studios.
c 2019 Spoot Music, ASCAP
p 2019 Klanggalerie (

Cover Artwork by Anne Marie Grgich

Thanks to:
Walter at Klanggalerie for encouraging me to produce this collection of songs, Srđan ‘Gino’ Jevđević for bouzouki & rhythm tracks, Johnny Morovich for brac, Eveline Müller for bowing her destroyed cymbal on Petoljubac & inspiring the birth of the Seattle peace kiss (kiss 5 times, last time longest), Dr. Peter Szöke for his fascinating research on the musicality of bird song, Maris Kundzins for generating anagrams of Elizabeth Lawrence’s name, Carroll McGrath for the commission to compose Steamy Ast Lag, and KINO LORBER for the commission to compose the soundtrack for Grace Cunard’s silent film ‘A Daughter of the Law’ (1921), included in the DVD boxed set ‘Pioneers: First Women Film Makers’ (2018).

Additional thanks to Chris Littlefield for his help designing the front cover, to Z.I. for inspiration, to the Immersion Composition Society whose challenge to write 20 songs in one day brought half of these songs to life, and a big shout out to all of our ancestors that we are here now.

Stella marina! Grazie a Santa Marta, che ci aiuta.


all rights reserved



Amy Denio / Spoot Music Seattle, Washington

Amy Denio is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist composer, singer and music producer based in Seattle, WA. She's been commissioned to compose for dance, theater and film, and has received numerous grants and fellowships and collaborated with artists worldwide.

She has performed at festivals, clubs, schools, prisons, social centers and ruins throughout Europe, North America and Asia.
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Track Name: Pozdravko Kolo (Greeting Circle Dance)
Chicken’s heaven could be a nice place
But there’s a white wolf there, said the puma
Get on my back and hold on tight
Dream some colorful wonders you crazy fire

Različite duše su pale na zemlju
(Various souls fell to the ground)
Neki su postali zmajevi, neki su postali ljubitelji zmajeva
(Some became dragons, some became the lovers of dragons)
Njihova deca su bila mistična stvorenja
(Their children were mystical creatures)
A sada moje čarobno dete puma zmaja
(And now my magical puma dragon child)
čini svet snjajim njegovim čudima
(makes the world shine with his wonders)

It’s brilliant, marvelous, gorgeous, even in the dream
It’s brilliant, marvelous, gorgeous, lighting up our being
Track Name: Petoljubac
Samo jedna ljubav čini dva ljubavnika.
Ali dva plus tri ljubavi čine petoljubac
(Only one love makes two lovers. But two plus three loves make 5 kisses)
Track Name: Sretan Ruže Dan (Happy Roses Day)
Ruža zna
Ruža zna zašto

Suptilne niti koje sudbina plete
Prilagodite njihovu snagu iza naših leđa
Ispravljanje naših posrtanja
Dok se ne zna nepoznato

Klatno koje visi preko peska
Stvara spirograf kada se kreće rukom čoveka
Ali haos zemljotresa će stvoriti savršenu ružu

The rose knows
The rose knows why

The subtle threads that destiny weaves
Flex their strength behind our backs
Righting our stumbling ways
Until unknown becomes known

A pendulum dangling over a bed of sand
Makes spirographs when moved by the hand of man
But the chaos of an earthquake will create a perfect rose
Track Name: Novi Sad
Arrived by train in Novi Sad
Our host Djordje put us on a bus
He rode behind us on his bicycle
He waved us off for the stop to the Yellow House

Novi Sad, so beautiful
Falling asleep to the strums of the tamburica orkestar
Silver tones floating up to the moon
On the Duna

Tito died, war was born
Djordje fled to Amsterdam
To drown his pain, he changed his course
Traded his bicycle for the white horse

Darkened minds, blackened skies
Will we ever above this rise?
Hate is a habit hard to break
When all is done for god's sake
Track Name: Feather Weather
Did you coo hue?
Now no new views
Gone now, stilled life
Silent by violence

All that you taught us
Songs speech stories sound
You didn’t doubt us
Weathered feathers drop to the ground
Track Name: I Want All Beer Cheez
I want all Beer-Cheez!
Liberal can’t wheeze
Zell, be ethnic aware
Wee Thracian E-Z bell
Track Name: Mercury in Retrograde
Why this span of misfortune down on Earth?
Why is everything scrambled and spinning out of control?
It makes me curse, it's getting worse
I'm going burst at the end of this verse

O Mercury when you're in retrograde
The check will bounce and we won't be paid
Our travel plans to the north will suddenly go south
And we'd better closely watch what comes out of our mouths

Tits up again, my machine went tits up again
In between my fits of rage which go all the way to 10
Time is going backwards inside Big Ben
I prefer to leave the office and live in a glen
Away from the cockamamie inventions of men

O Mercury you've gone retrograde again
Better not to speak a plan or fly in a plane
O Mercury, when will this ever end?
Remind me not to hit 'Send'
I'll remain under the covers of my bed
Until I get the word from the front lines of the universe
that all is sane again
Track Name: Steamy Ast Lag
I love you, truly do
For all the things you share
In our long love affair
A steamy ‘Ast Lag’ for you
Showing that our love is
And even if sometimes I’m blue
I will always love you
Track Name: Venus Envy
Venus envy what dicks can't see
Venus envy for power panties
Mothers bakers troublemakers
Super power to procreate hers
Movers and shakers

Venus rhymes with penis
Penis can you see us?
Romulus killed Remus
after suckling a she wolf
She wolf can redeem us
Romulus and Remus
Urge to kill extrem-us
Sticky cold wet dream-us
Track Name: Wolf Moon
Wolf moon rising feel the sun
Wolf moon shadows on the run
Cedar branches write a tale
Wolf moon rising howling pale

Wolf moon rising turns blood red
Ancestors confiding the whispering dead
Cedar branches etch the light
Wolf moon turning red this night
Track Name: Stickney The Crater
My triple-great grandfather on my mother's side
Was a government astronomer by the name of Asaph Hall
He wanted to prove the existence of the moons of Mars
So he studied the skies every night with his fancy telescope
But saw nothing, nothing up there except for the Planet of War
And occasional shooting stars in front of the universe's door
Utterly frustrated, he almost threw in his glove
But his wife Angelina (nee Stickney) urged him to look above

In August of 1877 the moons of Mars revealed themselves to Asaph
who now suddenly loved his wife more than ever
He named the moons Phobos and Deimos after the horses who pulled the chariot of the War God

94 years later NASA's space craft passed by the moons
And saw the huge crater on Phobos' loins
So they named it after Asaph's intrepid wife, using her maiden name

Stickney the crater was almost greater than half the diameter of Phobos' parameters
Stickney the crater result of a fate or a destiny writ large by the universe