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Amy Denio: The Big Embrace

by Amy Denio / Spoot Music

Romadame 03:36
I am a lady of vivid colours, with vivid dreams that I don't care to share ~ whose fingers snap and slice the air ~ whose eyelids flutter a tempest in my hair (Bel Air) ~ whose neckline is graced by gypsum jewel's flair ~ whose ruby lips are a jeweled lair
Thanksgiving 02:44
Gather around a table laid bare Turkeys were gobbling And now they don’t care. For the day of morning New era warning Many are forlorning on the day of mourning
Zap Sistah 03:15
A beautiful lady named Cookie Tall and elegant with a gracious spirit so generous and colorblind Born with ebony skin in the south in 1944, She's endured more than most of us We agree that pain builds character There's a lesson in every upset, in every surprise Oh she's my zap sister We laugh at adversity We're surviving, we're the fittest, And winners take all Oh we're zap sisters... In fact, one time in Savannah Georgia Cookie had a flash, her soul came home to peace in a restaurant, all familiar She was cradled by the web of life, she found herself cradled
Use your imagination Hear echoes from your dreams Light, shadows, a part of sound sparkle alive The afterlife is gonna be all right I’d like to know the recipe for the afterlife Amongst cinnamon and cardamom and shadows of optagons and parthenons All the sounds that I’ve heard will boil down to one big hum Death ends pain in Hungary Pain builds character in Woodsville In China a character can sing In the afterlife, we’ll be free of static cling Do you have the recipe for the afterlife? How do things taste over there, when we meet? Isn’t there a recipe for the afterlife The cosmic oven is now on pre-heat All the sounds that I’ve heard will boil down to one big hum
Peace of thee Breathe thee free You and me Woofers Every breath Breathes the life Every sigh Outs the blight You are loved As you love Love to thee Breathe thee free
I got a little hunger for some peanut butter going out with scrambled eggs on a date on my plate Number One: Put on your hunger pants and start to dance Think of savory flavors mingling together Number Two: You get to choose your starch: Fancy rice cakes, wonder bread, or a slab of pumpernickel Number Three: You find some eggs, beat them 'til they’re over and done Add some seasoning to your reasoning To taste the case Pants got to be just right for the fight and they’re wonderful all night Of scrambled egg peanut butter sandwich Number Four: I sample, eat and repeat. A protein punch in the middle of lunch.
Take one beautiful town with white sand beaches Add to it beautiful weather, fresh water estuaries And a pinch of happy surfers, surfers A big pinch of surfers Recife is on the beautiful sea With bull sharks romping and breeding in glee Build a new port, sharks closed out from their birthing foam Guess what happens? Surfers, delicious surfers are in the way Not too long to say, those many surfers… Nice! Recife! Slaughterhouses’ blood is spilling in the little rivers Water is high in iron and toothy sharky smiles Sharks improvise to find new homes Since the old one is boarded up Bull sharks enjoy buff prey, every day Nice! Recife!
Boat People 04:00
Boat people from Viet Nam Know the unknown, settled the unsettled Boat people from Viet Nam Found their land legs after living through living hell Boat people had hope people could never repeat defeat That history would delete The strife the knife The dimming of life The sunken boats, the drowning The cold shoulder of super power frowning Boat people from Viet Nam A mobilizing again They hope to help their desperate floating brethren
Mayflower 03:23
Incessant creaking timber The monotonous slap of the waves No seagulls for days As the scurvy blurs are ways of knowing Seasick, not a lick of luck As the familiar shores slip sight unseen away Behold new turf! New planet ear(f)th! New land, new lines, new hands, new lies We come as false friends, eyeing your turkey hens And the sweet strong legs of your lasses We’ll cover gladly with molasses Our hands will creep, we’ll make some passes Behold new turf! New planet ear(f)th! New land, new lines, new hands, new lies We come as false friends, eyeing your turkey hens with the legs Your turkey hens with the legs.
There is nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community and cia than dt There’s no games, right? No games, right? We’re not playing games! We’re not playing games! Home games, foe games, woe games, war games We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones And unite the civilized world against radical islamic terrorism Which we will eradicate completely from the face of the earth Twitter Should I keep the twitter going or not? Keep it going? (Crowd screams) I think so. Ya know, the enemies keep saying oh that’s terrible! But you know, it’s a way of bypassing dishonest media, right?
Feral Fleas 02:11
Feral fleas say pretty please Don’t make us freeze or turn to bees Our mighty hinged legs notched us up a peg And so we beg: leave us be, to bite out of sight Feral fruit flies are ripped from pies So sweet so tipsy from fructose highs If we could only be their size We would be demoralized Feral ants are not so wild As adults or when a child Follow the leader, swallow the feed here The sheeps have been six hands with little greed Feral cockroaches as cucurachas Stalk the noches searching for crumbs in spot And strong in bed Mighty and diligent and strong survivors They’ll be the ones to dance on our head
7,500 Kisses 05:13
Seven thousand five hundred kisses seven thousand five hundred and one Your heart is in me, I feel it all through me Your eyes they play me, o play me
Biopsy of statecraft New truths up for grafting Freedom hangs from gallows Fields of speech lie fallow Hope tills soil Normalcy of warcraft Pundits pounding blindly Mother of all bombs Made by men who don’t know love Fields of broken words dry out
I love this cunterie, thank you very much We have over 200 generals and admirals that have endorsed our campaign And it’s special people and it’s really an honor So I also have to say I’ve gotten to know some incredible people, The secret service people (applause) They’re tough, and they’re smart, and they’re sharp And I don’t want to mess around with them, I can tell you And when I wanna go and wave to a big group of people and they rip me back down And put me back down into the seat… But they are fantastic people, so I want to thank the secret service While the campaign is over, I’ll work while this movement is really just beginning We’re going to get to work immediately for the American People I love this cunterie, thank you very much


Enjoy 16 funky and fanciful FCC-friendly new songs composed and produced by iconic multi-instrumental musician and member of Seattle Jazz Hall of Fame, composer Amy Denio.

Denio has toured the world as a musician since 1987. She runs Spoot Music, has produced 50+ recordings solo and in collaboration with others, and has founded a dozen creative bands. She also produces multimedia performances and installations, and has received dozens of international commissions, awards and fellowships.

Her 10th solo recording The Big Embrace features her sensuous voice, along with guitar, bass, accordion, sax, clarinet, glockenspiel, percussion, and field recordings. Her dark sense of irony is showcased while she sings along with our current hapless leader on Tracks 12 & 16.


released October 3, 2017

Amy Denio: brač (Croatian 4-string), guitars, bass, alto saxophone, clarinet, accordion, field recordings, glockenspiel, shaker, frame drum, cardboard box, voices. Ahmad Reza Yousefbeigi: percussion on l'Abbraccione. Elizabeth 'DB' Lawrence: voice and percussion / Pete Comley: samples on Rx For the Wife. Mastered by Steve Turnidge at UltraViolet Studio. Artwork by Annie Grgich.


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Amy Denio / Spoot Music Seattle, Washington

Amy Denio is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist composer, singer and music producer based in Seattle, WA. She's been commissioned to compose for dance, theater and film, and has received numerous grants and fellowships and collaborated with artists worldwide.

She has performed at festivals, clubs, schools, prisons, social centers and ruins throughout Europe, North America and Asia.
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