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ICS 2012​.​11​.​25

by Amy Denio / Spoot Music

Seal Love 03:10
Meg's got a fluffy dog from Iran She had to take it to the doggy hamam Oh dad, oh mom, I'm gonna get cleaned up at the hamam From a love of taking long walks and nuzzling the sweet scent of a seal who sailed on Seal, when you lived (I'm a dog) you had to little to give me (you bark all wrong) but a chase and a voiced bark a yowl and risen fowl Seal, when you sang to me my canine counterpoint made the algae rise and the ebbing tide change course Dog is loving, loving loving on a dead seal Nose to decay, love has no delay Dog enters the fray and yip yaps 'Hurray.' MEG SAVLOV - FEG / G#ADbEA#D#
Words & Music by Amy Denio, 11/25/12 You tilt my sluice gates open Gravity pulls down and heat beats up those popping kernels of yen and ken curdled and ungirdled Unfurled and girly burly Didn't know the sluice was loose Till you tipped it over Sluice is loose Il'l chase a moose and duck duck goose you're it to kiss a missing masseuse - or is that masseur, Monsieur? Je voudrais un masseur, Monsieur. You tilt those sluice gates all awry But don't you cry about it Nothing's slipped or spilt or built to a T Cause there's no alphabet yet cause we fly with the jet set neurons firing hot and het well met and let us wander around in wary circles Duck duck goose chase down the hatchling nest of thieves as thick as thieves would want to be. Duck duck goose the hound had howled and growled, slipping then from one pair of crossed arms to the other Duck duck goose near sighted date doubts turned to music and our hilarious ley lines crossing Ley lines crossing our legs and picking out a melody of irony You tilt my sluice gates open bruised juice cruises loose the ruse of Zeus in a hike-a-poose unfurled and girly burly didn't know my sluice was loose until you tipped it over. You tilt my sluice gates open our effusively deducted goose chase wildness winterness, wildness, wilderness wildness in my mind (in her mind)
Kelly Jean the delible queen Cross dressing as a man on the scene Holding up the wall to make the fall seem normal and less horrible Lightning storm in her brain The body, the body electric Unknown electric, unknown eclectic forces at play will she see the light of day? Her birth was a secret handed off a few days old Farm family saw her meek, but inside her humor rages Sought out her birth mom But just stepped out forever long But the longing kept her near She kept an eye on here She kept an eye on her denial that her mind was filled with raging sparks lattices and laces between neurons exploding that's just not a headache It's acoustic neuroma That's not just a headache It's an acoustic neuroma I think I'd better stay awake An acoustic neuroma That's not just a headache An acoustic neuroma I think I'd better stay awake
Pass Offer 03:44
Gall stones fall down from a life of ire Reform the lyre on the funeral pyre Gall stones tablets of seethed moments writ in stone Minerals of anger etched and sketched and honed Sho ko do rik tar rikky tar etc.
Diggida 01:56
Dung Doo 01:55


ICS is short for Immersion Composition Society, in which music creators attempt to write as many songs as possible in the course of one day, then share the results with similarly-engaged creators at the end of the day.


released November 29, 2012

Amy Denio: composition and all instruments.
Composed for voice, frame drum, piano, acoustic guitar, electric bass, accordion, alto sax, percussion, bamboo flute, slit drum


all rights reserved



Amy Denio / Spoot Music Seattle, Washington

Amy Denio is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist composer, singer and music producer based in Seattle, WA. She's been commissioned to compose for dance, theater and film, and has received numerous grants and fellowships and collaborated with artists worldwide.

She has performed at festivals, clubs, schools, prisons, social centers and ruins throughout Europe, North America and Asia.
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