Immersion Composition Society 28 October, 2012

by Amy Denio / Spoot Music



5 songs, recorded in the course of one day. I'm a member of the 'needmoresongs' Lodge of the Immersion Composition Society, in which we endeavour to write as many songs as possible in one day.
Three I songs I spent actual time composing, and the last two vocal pieces were made on the fly.


released October 30, 2012

Amy Denio: voice, bass, acoustic guitar, clarinet, frame drum, electronics, Manhassett metal music stands, etc.
Recorded on Sunday, 28 October, 2012.
All songs c 2012 Spoot Music, ACAP


all rights reserved



Amy Denio / Spoot Music Seattle, Washington

Amy Denio is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist composer, singer and music producer based in Seattle, WA. She's been commissioned to compose for dance, theater and film, and has received numerous grants and fellowships and collaborated with artists worldwide.

She has performed at festivals, clubs, schools, prisons, social centers and ruins throughout Europe, North America and Asia.
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Track Name: Solar Plexus, Suddenly Sodden
Little girl with her littler sister
perched on the counter top in the kitchen
spontaneous moment, fist was forming
and flying through the air
With all her force and her unexpected power,
the elder punched the younger in the solar plexus
way back in time
we ain't no T. Rex, us
Didn't know she was really deftly dextrous
knock her sister down and out
fainting on the counter top
elder holding so she won't drop

I'm a solar plexus puncher of my sister's
whose eyes are crossing shut
I didn't mean to kill her like that
Maybe she'll come up, after my upper cut.

Little girl with her littler sister
Out of sight, out of mind at their parents' party
Left to their own devices they made a swimming pool upstairs
They went back and forth, spilling buckets and buckets of water
But the swimming pool never filled, and the guests downstairs wondered why they were
Suddenly sodden

I'm just a girl who has a hole inside her brain
Really quite sensible, sensitive and sane
It's gotta be some evil twin taking my reigns
Who'd have thunk I'd have started life this way.
Track Name: Dang Gong Bang
Dang gong bang, etc.
Track Name: U Be Baba
u be baba, etc.