by Amy Denio / Spoot Music



Produced by Amy Denio
Music and lyrics by Ersilia Prosperi, SIAE Italy, except Nochdenada (lyrics by Ersilia Prosperi and Martina Fadda), S’Ou Abbattadu (music by Ersilia Prosperi and Claudio Mosconi), Non C'è Niente Da Lavare (lyrics by Monique Mizrahi), Andiamo a Conoscerci Meglio a Parigi (Lyrics by Martina Fadda and Ersilia Prosperi). Destiny Sneezed (music and lyrics by Amy Denio, ASCAP, USA)
Recorded and mixed at Litho Studios, Seattle WA USA October 2014 by Floyd Reitsma ~ www.studiolitho.com
Mastered by Chris Hanszek, Snohomish USA, November, 2014 ~ www.hanszekaudio.com
Cover graphics by Reshma Zeni (reshzen@gmail.com) and Martina Fadda
Published by Spoot Music, ASCAP, USA
c& p 2015 Spoot Music, ASCAP / p 2015 Public Eyesore / p 2015 Dischi ChiNeSa
Oumusic.org / oubooking@gmail.com / ersalia@yahoo.it
Spoot 2015OU / PE132


released May 30, 2015

Ersilia Prosperi: Trumpet, flugelhorn, ukulele, background vocals
Martina Fadda: Lead vocals, whistle, shaker
Claudio Mosconi: Bass, background vocals
Cristiano De Fabritiis: Drums, shaker, background vocals
Cristina Pecorario: Alto sax, background vocals
Andrea Pesce: Piano, Wurlitzer, Hammond B-3 organ, drum programming, glockenspiel, toy rat, background vocals
Amy Denio: Alto sax, clarinet, background vocals, bombo leguero, scacciapensieri


all rights reserved



Amy Denio / Spoot Music Seattle, Washington

Amy Denio is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist composer, singer and music producer based in Seattle, WA. She's been commissioned to compose for dance, theater and film, and has received numerous grants and fellowships and collaborated with artists worldwide.

She has performed at festivals, clubs, schools, prisons, social centers and ruins throughout Europe, North America and Asia.
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Track Name: Non C'è Niente Da Lavare
Quand t’as commencé
C’était formidable, j’étais très chouette avec ma cigarette!
Tu ne savais pas que ça te faisait mail,
T’étais coquette, ta tête dans les étoiles, ta main est jaune
Maintenant, tu arrêtes.
Écoutes-moi cherie, laisse ta cigarette!

Mais c’est important de l’avoir
Quand je m’ennuie ou quand je bois beaucoup de cocktails
Je peux essayer mais ce n’est pas facile
Qu’est-ce que je fais sans ma cigarette?
C’est facile! Pas facile! C’est facile!
Non se n’est pas facile

Non c'è niente da lavare!
Je peux arrêter, vous ne comprenez!
Non c'è niente da lavare!
Bien!!! Demain j’arrête quand je me réveille
Café et cigarette, la dernier de ma vie, ma vie entiere,
Ce sera assez pour toute l’éternité, pour toute l’éternité!
Track Name: S'Ou Abbattadu
S’ou abbattadu cherede essi
Ou attostu ispèrada in mèzu solte cund’una catta
Frimmu com’ente un ou attostu
Frimmu com’ente un ou

Scrambled here and there
The egg doesn’t understand anything anymore
It wakes up not knowing where it is
Every day it risks being boiled, eaten raw or even scrambled
Its greatest dream it to meet other eggs
It is hoping for a better future with a freshly met omelette
It would like to be hard boiled
Yeah! Strong and stable like a hardboiled egg
The hardboiled egg could stay in boiling water for four hours
Certainly! But it faces the risk of exploding
However this could be a better end than to be scrambled
And thus, our scrambled egg without seasoning is band,
But on the other hand, his friend the hardboiled egg, also without seasoning
Is absolutely delicious
Track Name: Nochdenada
Roja flor con tus labios
Si la cojo se ajará

Roja flor como tus labios
Si la cojo se ajará
Yo cruel como un antojo
Hago lo que no prodria

Marinero sin sextant
Busco asilo entus orillas
Ya se que tu no me bas
No me bas a coger!
No me coge! Ya no me coge!

Mala orilla en este cuento
Y fugaz el desengaño
Marinero se ha perdido
En la nochdenada

Las ovejas sin rebaño
Corren, toman un traguito
Hasta el perro non la vas
Track Name: Destiny Sneezed
Destiny sneezed at the bus stop in wintertime
Two souls felt a blast
Their vaporous voices wove a web of sound and sight
All aglow
Destiny winked in the spring time
Sending little letters and big words
Their vaporous voices wove a web of sound and sight
Track Name: Deificaçao
Pernas com olhos cum lábios misturados
Narics barrigas se perseguindo crias
Lembranças depois
Las ordena chora e fica cunfundida

Uma muher esta olhando
Gostaria de cingirla com os braços

Deusa o rabisco, brilha e espalha
Lembranças desarranjadas
Track Name: Gallone Bocca Larga
Che bello!!! Ma che bello!!!
Gallone bocca piena
Gallone bocca piatta
Gallone bocca stretta
Gallone bocca larga
Track Name: Andiamo a Conoscerci Meglio a Parigi
Narrow cobbled lanes
This fine rain never ends
Seems like you and me are damp clowns
Hands and cracks and giant goose eggs
I gave to you but all in vain
I still love, you still doubt
I try to go but you hold me
So my tears turn to laughter now
But now I know
This is not the end…
Track Name: Jengi
Arriba y abajo y a tu lado
Se acerca y está allá desapareces

El lleno crea vacio total
Cuando se va de ti

Viene y va y regresa, luego, juego agradable
Infantile juego; proceso simple hay que escuchar
Pararse y observer vuelves mas alegre

Bo buné kamuzé
Lembo mu
Bo buné kamuzé

Na kana lema mu je keso
Na kana lema mu