Prodigal Light

by Amy Denio / Spoot Music



Prodigal Light contains 15 gorgeous songs regarding love, the gloaming, visions in an Irish graveyard, commentary on the infinite by her mother, parallel universes, the apocalypse, piano tuning, an imagined nightmare for Dubya, an Italian partisan song, the Cafe Racer murders, and life in a nursing home.

Denio presents her fine multi-instrumental talents, playing 12-string and electric guitars, bass, alto saxophone, clarinet, wooden flute, accordion, piano, a variety of percussion instruments, and a jar of her mother's gallstones. Her voice soars with unearthly harmonies, her lyrics are serious, playful and thought-provoking, and the songs are unforgettable.


released November 12, 2013

Recorded in Seattle in two various Spoot Studios domiciles and at Soli Sound, Gravelvoice Studios, Jane Mabry's house, Scott Adams's house, Che oke ten's house in Redmond, at Bobland on Bainbridge Island, in Brooklyn and Dublin, at lunch in Florida, and on I Am Glad Today Is Monday 23 folks sent me stuff from all over the world, by telephone message or file.

Mastered with Mell Dettmer at Soli Sound, West Seattle, November, 2013.

Collaborators include:
Scott Adams: voice, accordion / Danny Barnes: voice, banjo / Nancy Denio: voice / Anne Denio: voice / Marchette DuBois: voice, accordion
Martha Enson: lyrics to 'Come To Us Now' / Stephen Fandrich: piano tuning / Bianca 'La Jorona' Giovannini: voice / David Greenberger: oral history transcription & voice / Eli Kaufmann: voice, accordion / Detonator Beth Lawrence: mouth sounds / Mary Grace Lawrence the dog: bark / Francisco Lopez: noise of tomatoes / Jane Mabry: glockenspiel / Jim McAdams: theremin, sound sculpture / Eli McBett: voice / Frank Pahl: horn, guitar, kick drum, whistling, bamboo flute, bell
Bob Phillips: tape squish sounds, 'gajangle' / Nick Ripley: science set / J.R. Rhodes: voice / Abel Rocha: voice, guitar, cuatro / Madeleine Sosin: voice, violin, bombo / Chris Stromquist: drums / Michael Vlatkovich: trombone


all rights reserved



Amy Denio / Spoot Music Seattle, Washington

Amy Denio is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist composer, singer and music producer based in Seattle, WA. She's been commissioned to compose for dance, theater and film, and has received numerous grants and fellowships and collaborated with artists worldwide.

She has performed at festivals, clubs, schools, prisons, social centers and ruins throughout Europe, North America and Asia.
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Track Name: Amame
En mis suenos
En mis momentos encantados
Veo tus ojos luminosos
Amame como yo te amo
Besame como yo te beso
Track Name: Prodigal Light
Getting darker, harder to feel the light shine
It's getting darker, soon it will be night time
Birds nesting down, the last call of the flicker
While its stripes and chevrons and polka dots fade into nothing

And I don't know if I'll see you in the morning
'Cause maybe that sun won't rise again
And I'll be heading off in search of, in search of that prodigal light
Track Name: Ballintubber Abbey
At the Ballintubber Abbey
I stood before a grave
‘Twas a man who died at 50 years young
And the music his soul did save

His name was Mick Cuffe, adored by friends
‘Twas writ upon the stone
May you rest in peace; we love you dear –
There are so many songs to sing

And all the bells did ring
With the beauty you did bring
May you rest in peace, we love you dear
There are so many songs to sing

I can see you now with friends all round
And you’re singing that lovely song
‘Tis the music that illuminates the soul
When the body’s long gone

Now that you are gone, we’ll raise a toast
To the friendship that you rang
Fare thee well, your voice has touched us dear
With the many songs you sang

Track Name: Exposure To The Infinite
Yeah this life is just a little bit of exposure to the infinite (Nancy Denio)
Track Name: Pass Offer
Gall stones fall down from a life of ire
Reform the lyre on the funeral pyre
Gall stones tablets of seethed moments writ in stone
Minerals of anger, etched and sketched and honed
Track Name: Beirut
Beirut's under seige again and I'm lost in the Target
with a sale on Aisle 4
I'll pick up some more
of those things that I need
I'm doing my deed

But some day I'll get breakfast in bed
Some day I'll stop counting the dead
And then I'll lie back down

Baghdad's under seige again and I'm lost in the target
But I'm on my way home
they just don't know
all the things that I've seen
of death and its glow
Track Name: Come To Us Now
Come to us now in this dark hour
when the candles have burned
and all answers have dissolved
touch us with your song

When the candles have burned
and all answers have dissolved
touch us with your song

Touch our hearts that we may feel the way
Light our souls that we may burn brightly

Tear us not one from another
Mark us with your song
Track Name: Dubya & His Pa
Dubya and his, his pa ~ his pa!